May – October

Weaver, bacon and gingerbread-dreams in Mühlviertel & Time travel with the horse-railway to the 21st century

The weaving mill has a long tradition in Mühlviertel. The bloom of the business turns alive in the weaving mill museum in Haslach. In combination with the yield of the flax is the linseed oil. It is an original Mühlviertler delicacy, which is produced in the oil mill Haslach. Next to it is Helfenberg, which is one of the bacon strongholds of the Mühlviertel. There you can dissolve the products from the bacon factory in Haudum on your tongue. The sweet close is in Bad Leonfelden. The tradition firm Kastner produces his famous gingerbread there and abduct you in a new experience world “LEBZELTARIUM”.

The horse-railway through Mühlviertel was the first track railway on the european continent. In Rainbach are those “trains with 1 PS” still activated. On a distance from about half of a kilometer you will experience the incomparable feeling of “travelling from the past”. The 1PS luxurious wagon “Hannibal” brings you right to the historical horse railway and museum.


  • 2 x Overnight incl. buffet breakfast
  • 1 x welcome drink on your first evening
  • 2 x 3course dinner at the hotel
  • 1 x guided tour at the Mühlviertler oil mill Haslach incl. linseed oil cheese bread tasting
  • 1 x Entry and guided tour at the weaving mill museum in Haslach
  • 1 x Visit of the bacon factory Haudum in Helfenberg incl. bacon tasting and elderflower juice
  • 1 x Entrance and guided tour at “Lebzeltarium” in Bad Leonfelden with shopping possibilities
  • 1 x Welcome with a “Gleishupfa-schnaps” in Rainbach
  • 1 x trip with the nostalgic horse railway
  • 1 x guided tour through the historic horse railway museum
  • 1 x small present “Kutscherküsschen”
  • 1 x guided tour at the brew commune Freistadt incl. tasting

Advice for your guide and bus driver daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. through our office in Bad Ischl

The standard terms and conditions of the Salzkammergut Touristik GmbH apply in the current version.

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