Great Space Walk

Short Tour II
an art and hiking project as part of the European Capital of Culture 2024
  • overnight stay in a ****hotel in Bad Ischl
  • overnight stay at the Ischler hut

What is heard combines with the inner experiences of the listener and the environment to create experiential spaces for the fundamental questions of existence and the relationship between man and nature

Christoph Viscorsum

The journey leads through 6 listening and experience spaces: from the bathroom in the Bad Ischl parish church to the Ischler Hütte and on to the Hochkogelhaus and Ebensee.

How can I feel the future? The “Great Space Walk” is an audio artwork by Christoph Viscorsum in collaboration with Andreas Hagelüken. The multi-day hiking tour gently guides us from our seemingly perfectly prepared world into a radically primordial wilderness.
Audio tracks on the smartphone serve as mileposts, which can be listened to with headphones at precisely defined points along the way.


  1. 1 x overnight stay 4*hotel in Bad Ischl
  2. 1 x overnight stay at Ischler hut
  3. Hiking tour to Rettenbachalm and continue to Ischler Hütte and Hochkogelhaus
  4. Audio tracks for the first six listening and experience spaces
  5. An audio artwork by Christoph Viscorsum in collaboration with Andreas Hagelüken

The course of your hiking tour:

Day 1: Individual arrival in the brine spa Bad Ischl

Ischl became a holiday home of European standing from the middle of the 19th century when Emperor Franz Joseph began to spend his holidays in his Ischl summer residence. Bad Ischl – a health resort since 1906 – is located in the heart of the Salzkammergut and offers itself as a starting point for this extraordinarily varied hiking trip. Leisure and relaxation can be found, for example, in the spa park, the spacious thermal bath or by a visit to the famous Café Zauner. At the hotel you will receive your detailed travel documents. (1 night)

Listening Room 1
The Great World Space Journey begins at home in your bathroom or in the hotel bathroom. Take your mobile phone in your hand, connect it to your headphones, open the Alpenvereinaktiv app, go to the sink, close the door. You should have your hands free while listening, so put your mobile phone away. Press play.
You enter your daily space of action, become localised, hear voices doing something, you can also join in, you are in the world, but the water has disappeared. How can you make the wall of the bath transparent?
Listening time 4 minutes.

Day 2: Via the Rettenbachalm to the Ischler Hütte

Start at the bench in front of the parish church heading south towards the Traun. Yellow signposts start here and you follow the signs "Rettenbachwildnis-Karstquelle Hubhanslau" initially through the town of Bad Ischl. After crossing the Rettenbach (Rettenbachwildnis) in a gorge and reaching a gravel road, we hike this to the right for 6km to the Rettenbachalm (car traffic). There are two refreshment stops here. From here, follow the signs for "Ischler Hütte", first 1 km on a forest road, then through forest to the alpine pasture area at Beerensattel and then in 15 minutes slightly descending to the hut on the Schwarzenbergalm.
Overnight stay at the Ischler Hütte (1 night)
Hike: approx. 5 hours (15km, ascent 970 m / descent 70 m)

It is possible to take a taxi to the Rettenbachalm. Journey time approx. 20 minutes. The route is shortened by 8.5 km. (to be paid extra on site)
From the Rettenbachalm on trail no. 211, the Ischler Hütte can be reached in about 2 ½ hours.

Listening Room 2
In Bad Ischl, in front of the parish church, there is a bench across from the main entrance. This is where room 2 begins. Sit down, press play (track 02) and follow the voices ...
Listening time: 22 minutes

Listening Room 3
When you are standing in front of the Rettenbachalm inn, a path leads slightly downhill directly into the alpine pastures, away from the inn. Follow the path and you will see a hunter's stand on the right-hand side. Stand in front of the hunter's stand, with a view of the expanse of the alpine pasture, press play (Track 03).
IMPORTANT: If there are cows grazing at this point, keep your distance and look for another place near the meadow where there are no animals. Keep at least two bus lengths away from the cows.
Listening time: 8 minutes

Listening Room 4
The first part of the path from the Rettenbachalm to the Ischler Hütte leads along a forest road. After about 20 minutes, at the far end of the alpine pasture, there is a turn-off to the right into the forest that leads to the Ischler Hütte - this is where the next audio track begins. Press play (track 04).
Listening time: 15 minutes

Listening Room 5
After two to three hours you will reach the Beerensattel near the Ischler Hütte just before the Schwarzenbergalm. Press play (Track 05) and continue.
Listening time: 4 minutes

Day 3: From the Ischler Hütte to listening room 6 - continue to the Hochkogelhaus and descent towards Ebensee

At dawn, the route leads from the Ischler Hütte over alpine pastures to a saddle. On the way you will come to a room marked in the app.
Hike to listening room 6: approx. 1.5 - 2 hours (3.5 km, ascent 375 m)

Listening Room 6
Ideally, you should be here at sunrise. The walk from the Ischler Hütte takes one to two hours. Look for a pleasant place to sit in the wider surroundings of the signpost. Wait for the sunrise.
When (in fine weather) the light of the sun on the meadow above you is about ten metres away, look up at the sunrise and press play (track 06).
Listening time: 5 minutes
Hike from listening room 6 to the Hochkogelhaus (1.2 km) and descent towards Ebensee via the Mittereckstüberl to Dielleiten (Traunstein taxi stop)
Approx. 3-4 hours (8.2 km, descent 1230 metres)

The return journey from Dielleiten to Bad Ischl is planned with a taxi transfer.

Individual departure from Bad Ischl.

Extra nights can be booked on prior request.


overnight stay with breakfast buffet in ****hotel in Bad Ischl
overnight stay with alpine-breakfast at Ischler hut (communal bunks, hut sleeping bag* required)
taxi transfer from Dielleiten to Bad Ischl
welcome video with explanations and information you need for this tour
hiking map and other information material (1x per room)
detailed route description
Daily service hotline from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm (also on weekends)
‘A Tree for your booking’ – for every hiking tour booked with us a tree is planted

Rates per person and arrangement in €:

  01.06. – 30.06.24 30.06. – 08.08.24
19.08. – 30.09.24
****hotel per person in double room with breakfast - communal bunks at hut 210,-- 220,--
Supplement double room for single use in hotel
(communal bunks in hut)
57,-- 68,--
Supplement half board (3 course dinner in hotel / 2 course dinner in hut) 70,-- 70,--
Additional night in Bad Ischl on request on request
Arrival daily daily

The local tax, also known as visitor's tax, is payable locally to the landlord; the amount depends on the resort and is between €1,00 and €4,00 per person per night. Children up to the age of 15 are usually exempt.

No arrival possible from 09.08. to 18.08.2024

Information for arrivals by car:
The parking place does not always situate next to the accommodation but on a public parking place. (Possibly costs have to be paid on spot)

Notes on staying at an Alpine lodge:

  • *Hut sleeping bag: blankets are available in the huts; necessary but mandatory is only a lightweight cotton/silk sleeping bag liner
  • Due to their location, not all huts can offer running water, hot water or showers. In some cases there is also no flushing system in the toilets.
  • On most huts, card payment is not possible. Take enough cash with you for food and drinks.

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The European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut 2024 brings the diversity of historically rooted and contemporary art and culture to the forefront and raises it to an international level.

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Daily stages with up to 900 metres of ascent - Ø 4-10 hours walking time - medium to difficult terrain: Trails with major obstacles.

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