May 1st - October 31st 2021

8 days in the Biosphärenpark Lungau at the Bio Landgut Blasiwirt***

St. Michael:  Sankt Michael in Lungau is 1075 m above sea level; 3512 inhabitants – it is the second largest township in Lungau.  In the year 1416 the village becomes a township.

Distance to Tamsweg: 15km, to Salzburg:  118km

Unesco Biosphere Lungau

Quality tourism close to nature in the Unesco Biosphere park Salzburg Lungau

The UNESCO Biosphere Park rating offers an extraordinary enrichment for tourism development and is intended to serve both the tourism associations of the municipalities and regional associations.
The starting point for the further development of tourism in the Lungau in the sense of the UNESCO Biosphere Park Salzburg Lungau & Carinthian Nockberge is the action plan for sustainable tourism that was drawn up as part of the Central Europe Eco Tourism Interreg project.

The Unesco Biosphere Park offers the opportunity to address guests in additional areas, to expand tourist attractions and acitvities and to increase quality in terms of sustainable and future-oriented development.



  • 7 x Overnight with organic breakfast – certified
  • Halfboard with daily salad buffet or served salad, 3 course dinner
    1 x per week: fondue, trouts from the pond, coffee and cake  
  • Welcomedrink   
  • WIFI
  • Wellnessarea at Landgut with sauna and relaxing room  
  • Children play room with darts, table football, table tennis aso.  
  • 10 carports for tourists  
  • parking


1. day: Tuesday – arrival in St. Michael 

 further travel papers at the accomodation about the region – daily information during breakfast possible.


2. Day: Wednesday – today you spend the time in naturepark Riedingtal

Pass by car St. Michael - Zederhaus and follow the signs to Riedingtal – pass the “Denkmalhof Maurergut“ open from Wed to Sun from 2 – 5 pm from June 1st to Sept 30th. )  small road to the parking Schlierersee.

From here you have the possibility to hike along the rambling path along the lake (information bords tell about history, landscape, biotope of wild flowers, hunting and wild animals) – approx.. 1 hour.

At the Schliereralm is a information office and visiter plattform as well as  the Brunnwandspring.

Furthermore you hike along the romantic valley for 2 hours from alm hut to alm hut – in total you pass

8 different alm huts till you reach the end of the valley. On each alm hut you find information boards about the history and the daily hard work on a alm in past time but too nowadays.

From middle of June till middle of September you can use the valleybus – information at your accommodation.


3. day – Thursday - in the morning you start to visit the Burg Mauterndorf (castle)and disvocer the medieval time – open daily from 10am to 5 pm

interesting round tour with audio guides (for children special audio guides), large knight playground

During afternoon you spend the time with making bread by your own in St. Margarethen

at the Bio Sauschneiderhof – with Mrs.Lisi. Family Löcker was one of the first famers in Austria which started with 100% organic production – its more than 30 years ago. 

Organic production and sustainability is the philosophy of farmers family.

Solar energy plant and photovoltaic is their standard as well as 100% no use of silo food.

At 2pm you will be awaited to bake the original “Tauernroggenbrot” (rye bread) – duration 3 hours

Byside:  At the church in St. Margarethen you will have a fountain. 45m under the earth is the spring. The story tells, that this water heals the eyes, because its right spinned.


4. day– Friday – Mariapfarr – cycle hire – cycle tour to Weißpriach  along the river Lonka – it’s crowned to the best place of Austria in  2015 from the jury – the Austrians.

Longa or Lonka:

The river has different names – and you hear from the locals both names … but that the water is opal blue

to the Weißpriachtal – everybody will confirm. This river is one of the most beautiful of Austria.

The Wirpitschsee (small mountain lake) and the waterfalls are wonderfull to see.

Each local gets glitter in the eyes when he tells about the river and the lake.

Possibility to hike up 1,5 hours to the Diktlerhütte.


5. day – Saturday – Seminar at Krameterhof – only on Saturday:

dates:  May 29th, June 5th  and 16th and 26th, July 17th and 24 th (english) and Aug. (english), Aug. 21st, Sept. 11th and 18th 2021

The word permaculture is the combination of permanent and agriculture. In english: sustainable farming.

This type of farming is the contrast to industrial farming, which wants to increase any time the production, the profit and never think about consequences of nature.

The permaculture is orientated in natural systems und tries to translate the agriculture to a cultur with stable and sustainable landuse. The principe is to work ecological, economic and sustainable with using all the resources.

Leader: Andreas Holzer tells:

During the day at our Krameterhof you will spend a day which brings a lot of information and varity .

The day tour shows along some kilometers of terrasse gardens, ponds and gives insites how the economic system is organiced, how it runs and how permaculture can be organiced .

Josef Andreas Holzer likes to share his knowledge, he likes to explain the special experiences which he has over the years in this high mountain area of Austria and likes to answer to your questions.

Let you inspire, take tips for your garden, your landscape and your project.



10am to 5pm (incl. lunch break from 12am to 1 pm)

Introduction to the world of  permaculture at Krameterhof

Discussion about some main principles of Holzer permaculture

Visiting, discussion and teaching about different gardens at Krameterhof

Reply to questions and discussion

During the break you get a 3 course lunch with products from the farm of Krameterhof .


6. day – Sunday – Prebersee - hiking

Friendly and sunny located you find the mystic Prebersee  on 1.514 m above sea level-northeast from Tamsweg on the border to federal land Styria. The alpine moor lake is 350m long and 200m wide. During summer people enjoy swimming.

The depleting substances of moor gives the dark colour to the lake water.

Nearby you see the high mountain Preber (2.740 m) – the surroundings offer a lot of nice hiking tours with a lot of alm huts and madows with cows .

Anytime we recommend to take a drink or enhjoy the local food at the Ludl Alm with the great view over the lake. (peeting zoo and childrens playground)

It is important to mention that the moor is very important for the eco balance.  You have high moor and low moor in combination with some influxes . Such a  ecosystem is like a treasure for a region and has to be protected.

Each year – the last weekend in August – there is a festivity at Prebersee – called  „Wasserscheiben-Schießen“ . you have to shoot to a mirror picture in the lake. The water reflects and the shoot is at the end on the banks slice. History books mention this traditional shooting festival first time in 1834.


7. day – Monday – Tamsweg Fötschel cheese, Mini Molk, grain mill incl. Shop

(Mo-Fr open from 8 am to 12 am, Kemmts eina shop (Mo-Fr from 9am to 12 am and 2 pm to 6pm)

In 2011 the Fötschelfarmer had the idea to built a small cheese factory in his home town. He was many years in Switzerland working in a cheese factory. He wanted to come home and to work with the original product of his home .. the organic milk of his cows. Too, you can bring your milk to the cheese factory and take your cheese some months later home. He is a very creative person and so you can discover different tastes and flavours during the weeks of a year.

The small cheese factory is a must to visit when you are in Lungau, look to the factory and taste the cheese snack. (Mo from 10am to 12 am)

The Mini Molk is one oft he smallest dairys in Austria. Four families try to bring the best quality of milk to the table. The farmer Ottinger-Bauer, David Gruber, family Kocher and Prodinger are the shamrock of Mini Molk.

They are very successful in production of Milk and dairy products. Special is the spelt yoghurt. The spelt is from the field in front of the mini molk.
with your voucher you can taste the spelt yoghourt or any other product of Mini Molk.

Next to the Mini molk is the Ottingmühle located.  They offer a big assortment of grain products in the shop.

The mill exists since the 13th century . till 100 years it is in the hands of family Gruber. The mill wheels never stopped – no they go further to the future any time !
Till the year 1248 the people in Tamsweg can see the brand of Ottingmühle. Over  the time grain is made to flour. From 1kg cereal  the family Martin and Angelika Gruber produce 0,75 kg to 0,85 kg of flour.
The occupation is changed during the years. Nowadays the miller has to have a fine grasp for technical changes and grain. The local people like to bake with such a high quality flour and want to take healthy food.
take your voucher and buy some high quality grain sorts.

Kemmts eina – mia gfrein ins auf enk!“(name is dialect and means  “welcome”)  the shop is an idea of six  organic farmers and from two local producers which offers their products together on the market square of Tamsweg in their own shop.

milk productrs from cow, sheep and goat

meat and sausages from beef, pork and deer
bread, cakes, herbs, marmalade, chess dumplings, Lungauer Rahmkoch (speciality with milk and flour) , liqueur, schnaps, grain products, noodles with full sight flour, linseed oil, fish and fish products

For your wellfare you get a “Bschoad Pinckerl” for travel home.


We recommend to spend the afternoon till evening at the Blasi Teich (pond) – maybe you catch a fish and the landlady will cook it for you in the evening for dinner.

8. day – Tuesday - departure


Included in the program:

  • Information papers about the program and the sustainability of Unesco biosphere area Lungau
  • Daily information during breakfast
  • Castle Mauterndorf – entrance incl. audio guide 
  • Baking bread at Sauschneiderhof
  • Cycle hire in Mariapfarr for one day 
  • seminar – 1 day - at Krameterhof in german language (except July 24th and Aug. 14th in english)
  • Fötschel cheese factory with cheese snacks 
  • Mini Molk – shop voucher milk products for 5,,-
  • Ottingmühle incl. Voucher for 10,- for the grain mill shop
  • visit  Kemmts eina shop – per pers. A Bschoat Pinkerl for travel 


Bio Landgut Blasiwirt ***

Location:  next train station approx. 15 km in Tamsweg; bus stop – 10m from Landgut;

the center is 6,8km:  church, supermarket, bank


Restaurant, bar parlour, terrasse, play room for children, sauna, parking, W lan

Family farm with petting zoo, rubber boots for children, Blasi pond with row boat, low rope course,

1x per week tractor tour with an oldtimer tractor

kitchen: daily fresh and regional products with high organic quality; a highlight is the breakfast buffet.

Grill evenings at the Blasi pond;  fresh fish can be grilled (advance reservation) .

Extra services :

Children play ground, petting zoo (cats, hares, goates, donkey …) pony riding, oldtimer tractor tour,

Guided hiking tour a mountain peak and family hiking tour, free of charge hire raincoat, backback, sticks and thermos flask, cycle hire.

rooms:  shower/toilet, Sat TV, phone, safe, w lan, mostly balcony

5 rooms – 1 single room, 2 double rooms (3bed rooms), 2 family studios

Double room: approx.. 25m², max. for 2 adults + 2 extra beds for kids

Family studio: approx. 30 m², for 2 adults + 1-3 children (till 16 years) – 2 sleeping rooms  


Rates for arrangement per person in €:


Double room comfort
family studio




Surcharge 03.07. - 04.09.21



Child 0 - 2,9 years



Child 3 - 5,9 years



Child 6 - 11,9 years


Child 12 - 16,9 years 645,-- 730,--

Extras – pay on spot:

Local tax:  1,50 € per day/adult (children till 15 years free)

animals on request  - Euro 5,- per day(no food)


Check-in: starting at 2pm                                                                    Check-out: till 10 am


Discount for adults if Krameterhof seminar don’t take place : Euro 110,- per pers.

Discount for children from 12 to 16,9 years – 60,- per child

(seminar for younger children is not possible to book)


Children from 0 – 5,9 years can do the programs with parents; for cycle tour they get a cycle follower

Children from 6-11,9 years can do the programs with the parents and do the bread baking,

get a e-cycle aso.


We recommend a cancellation insurance !

Business conditions of Salzkammergut Touristik GmbH in the current version are valid.


We recommend a travel insurance.
Hotel Cancellation Plus:
Hotel Cancellation Premium:

The standard terms and conditions of the Salzkammergut Touristik GmbH apply in the current version.

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