Workers and Gasoline brothers

The exhibition city of Steyr in the Natinalpark region organizes a unique exhibition

at 3 exhibition venues from: Stadtmuseum am Grünmarkt - main exhibition location, in Lamberg Castle and in the Museum Arbeitswelt

The ticket with 3 counterfoils can be used for several days.

Immerse yourself in an exhibition that couldn't be more interesting!

PERIOD: April 24th to November 7th, 2021

Immerse yourself in historical worlds. Economy, social issues, identity and status, connecting and separating past and present. Historical changes and how we live together today. The future and its visions. Upper Austria State exhibition work. Prosperity. Power in Steyr in 2021.

Counts, servants, civil women, industrialists, day laborers, merchants, writers, workers on the way Way to the Ich-AG - their stories are told. In Steyr, one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe. In the castle, in the trading house and in the former factory. Living environments in the past and present, visions of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Upper Austria State exhibition work. Prosperity. Power in Steyr in 2021.


  • 2 x overnight stays including breakfast buffet
  • 1 x dinner in the hotel - 3 courses. menu
  • 1 x welcome drink
  • 1 x worker snack
  • 1 x admission to the national exhibition
  • 1 x state exhibition present
  • 1 x visit to the BMW factory or Steyr tractor factory including guided tour *
  • 1 x Schlierbach show dairy including tasting
  • 1 x swimming hut trip in Ternberg
  • 1 x coffee and cake while driving
  • 2 x local tax
  • Advice for tour guides and bus drivers daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. through our office in Bad Ischl

The standard terms and conditions of the Salzkammergut Touristik GmbH apply in the current version.

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