Sisi & Franz ... and the new protagonist in Bad Ischl

At the plenary meeting of the Tourist Board Bad Ischl there was a change in the official level. Chairwoman Brigitte Stumpner turned after 3 periods ( 12 years ) does not stand for re -election. Even Elisabeth Ebli by Congress [ &] House Theatre and Andrew Panhuber ( Hubertushof ) put back their volunteer functions.

After an overview of their 12 years of service at the top of the Tourist Board said Stumpner : "No, this is not a nostalgia with a farewell . Many projects have been implemented in recent years and many new features and prepare for the future could be made, " and added to the end yet added that" the course for the future in Bad Ischl stand on a solid basis and the conditions for the tourist industry in Bad Ischl are the best way. "

Georg Hrovat , Kurapotheker and coffee roaster , thanked him in a humorous eulogy for the single-minded work of Brigitte Stumpner and the fruits that may all reap in Bad Ischl now . " But their activities beyond the local boundaries ! Your never-ending energy if it was to move the Salzkammergut in good light , was not high enough to be estimated single power and will remain so even more, " Hrovat added, and concluded by saying :" Behind every successful woman is also a man - and in this case her husband Franz, who support the many activities of Brigitte Stumpner tatkräftigt . Both built the company in the Salzkammergut Touristik to on what it is today ! "With much applause wishers gave gifts and donations word .

The new Upper Austrian Law on Tourism sees future in front of only six persons chosen from among the prospective contributors and the / the incumbent (s) Mayor ( in ) the board of a tourism association . In the case of Bad Ischl following persons for the 4 -year term was chosen :

Georg Hrovat ( Kurapotheker ) and Euro Spa Resort Bad Ischl CEO Andreas Nöhammer ; Edwin Gruber (Hotel Goldener Ochs ) and Dipl. Ing Valentin Habsburg-Lothringen (tour operating Imperial Villa ); Luzia Gamsjager ( Austria Guides ) and Marcus Tullow ( Matutex company and chairman of the Economic Forum ) , as well as an ex-officio , [ nbsp ] Mayor Hannes Heide .

CEO Robert Duke will load in the next few weeks inaugural meeting at which official from the county a chairman or chairman is elected . "I am pleased that we will continue in the future with a powerful team , the tourism agendas of Bad Ischl on and can continue the successful work of Brigitte Stumpner , " says Herzog in his closing sentence , and even added, " that it also as Touristikerin with their own company, the Salzkammergut Touristik , as expert and an expert on important issues is always available and is represented in various committees continue . " [ nbsp ] [ nbsp ]

Picture free of charge :
Assembly TVB Bad Ischl 2014:
from left: Councillor Helga Leitner, Marcus Tullow , Mayor Hannes Heide, George Hrovat , Brigitte Stumpner , Edwin Gruber, Valentin Habsburg- Lorraine and Robert Duke . Not in the picture because of the Salzkammergut go : Austria Guide Luzia Gamsjager

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