Salzkammergut Touristik GmbH (founded in 1994) is your specialist for travel to Austria.

Austria inspires. The Salzkammergut enchants. How practical as the Salzkammergut Touristik serves you both all from a single source. Personal, flexible and of the highest quality. Trust one of Austria's leading incoming specialists with 30 years of experience and benefit from the numerous advantages that we offer you as a successful family company.

8 reasons why we are your partner for Austria

  • Because we are Austria specialists focusing on the Salzkammergut.

Austria is our country and the Salzkammergut is our home. Are there any better conditions than to place one of the most beautiful countries and one of the most spectacular regions in Europe at your customers feet?

  •  Because we can serve you the whole country from a single source.

With the Salzkammergut Touristik you have a professional incoming office at your side who takes responsibility for everything. From accommodation to accompanying programs to guides.

  •  Because we always offer you the best price.

All tourist service providers of the Salzkammergut Touristik know us personally as a long-term, reliable, and fair partner. Therefore, we receive their services on particularly attractive terms, which we directly pass on to you.

  •  Because every trip has an individual touch!

When creating your trip, we pay careful attention to your requests. That means we tailor them to your specifications. If desired garnished with creative, new travel ideas away from classic attractions which we can offer you based on our unique destination knowledge.

  •  Because we are always here for you!

The Salzkammergut Touristik is here for you and your guests 24/7/365. Especially when the weather, travel, illness, or other uncertainties disrupt the course of the holiday. Within a very short space of time we will offer alternatives and change the program accordingly so that your guests still remain enthusiastic.

  •  Because we know exactly how it works!

Gaining experience alone is not enough. One must also save and manage it. Which we have been doing for 30 years and now have a comprehensive digitized treasure trove of knowledge that our experienced employees use in their daily work.

  •  Because our service knows no borders!

For us, partnership means doing everything for our customers. That is why we organize trips from A to Z. From the information about entry requirements, admissions and consideration of rest days, important details such as toilet and smoking stops, to booking time slots for getting in and out, including short-term rebooking in the event of delays.

  •  Because travel is an art and not an art product

The Salzkammergut Touristik makes one feel and experience the holiday, in an authentic way, making the culture and nature of the country tangible and perceptible. The fact that we plant a tree for every hiker and biker who books with us, should also not go unmentioned at this point.

The whole country under one roof with the experts of the Salzkammergut Touristik GmbH

  • Because our passion is Austria.
  • Because we live here and use the advantage of location
  • Because we are the only incoming travel agency, that offers Austria with the focus Salzkammergut.

Where you can meet us in person?

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Examples for group offers and individual customers:

BergeSeen eTrail 1 (3 nights)

May 15th - October 09th, 2021

Breathtaking views at Fuschlsee & Wolfgangsee. Enjoy a real nature experience at the Dachstein Salzkammergut Area.

3 Nights

from € 399,00


BergeSeen eTrail 2 (4 nights)

15. May - 09. October 2021

Breathtaking views in the Attersee region, at Mondsee and at Fuschlsee. Enjoy a real nature experience at Wolfgangsee and a visit to the imperial city of Bad Ischl.

4 Nights

ab € 390,00


BergeSeen eTrail 3 (5 nights)

May 15th - October 09th 2021

2 Salzkammergut regions in 6 days

Enjoy breathtaking views in Ausseerland and a real nature experience in the Traunsee-Almtal region.

from € 578,--


Discovering secret places in Ausseerland – E-Bike skills training & tours

0May 1st- October 31st 2021

Inclusive All-Around-Service with E-Bike rental and tour guide


ab € 379,--


Enjoyable Hikes in the Salzkammergut 2021

April 22nd - October 18th, 2021

Hiking with luggage transfer

7 Nights

from € 574,00


Pure nature, cozy huts and adventure park– family idyll in Gosau

May 1st - November 1st, 2021

AlI inclusive light Gasthof-Pension Kirchenwirt / Gosau

5 or 7 Nights

from € 405,00


Wachau World Heritage Trail

May 1st - October 6th, 2021

Hiking from the Danube to wine to apricots


7 Nights

from € 685,00


Premiumhotels on the trail of the Salt

April 22nd - October 18th, 2021

in the World Cultural Heritage Region Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut

From Bad Ischl to Hallstatt
With daily luggage transfer


4 Nights

from € 578,00


Multi-activity Adventure Week in Bad Goisern

May 25th - September 14th, 2021

Diverse activities on water and on land: canoeing, climbing, cave trekking - ideal for families

7 Nights

from € 780,00


Mountains & Lakes Trail
"The pleasure wide hiking trail from lake to lake" - Part I

June 15th - October 8th, 2021

- Tour I: 4 lakes / 2 summits
+ Delicious Discoveries: fluffy “Kaiserschmarren”

6 Nights

from € 539,00


Mountains & Lakes Trail
"The pleasure wide hiking trail from lake to lake" - Part II

May 9th - October 8th, 2021

- Tour II: 4 lakes / 3 summits
- Overnight stay in the mountains with 360° panorama
+ Delicious Discoveries: Abbey Liqueurs

4 Nights

from € 452,00


Mountains & Lakes Trail
"The pleasure wide hiking trail from lake to lake" - Part III

June 1st - October 16th, 2021

- Tour III: 3 lakes / 3 summits
+ Delicious Discoveries: products from the Alm hut

5 Nights

from € 405,00


Mountains & Lakes Trail
"The pleasure wide hiking trail from lake to lake" - Part IV

June 1st - October 4th, 2021

- Tour IV: 9 lakes / 1 summit
+ Delicious Discoveries: Ausseer fish rarities

7 Nights

from € 755,00


Mountains & Lakes Trail
"The pleasure wide hiking trail from lake to lake" - Part V

May 11th - October 4th, 2021

- Tour V: 3 lakes / 1 summit
+ Delicious Discoveries: fish on a stick

4 Nights

from € 438,00


Ennstal Valley Panorama Trail

May 19th - October 10th, 2021

- With luggage transport!
- From glacier to lakeside bath – all attractions included with the Schladming-Dachstein Summercard
- Gentle rambling or exhilarating mountain climbing – many individual configuration options

7 Nights

from € 618,00


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